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Without quality control in food science, the industry would not be able to develop new food products to meet the ever-changing and increasingly complex demands of today’s consumer

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Research & Development

Research and Development is the systematic activity combining both basic and applied research aimed at discovering new products or discovering new knowledge for improving the effectiveness of existing products for the innovation of business enterprise

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We will be able to provide advice and representation on your purchase, shipping, insurance and contract inspection

About Us.

EKK, Founded in 1999, as a tradesman and Manufacturer B2B & B2C in traditional market. EKK is trying to goods & technical knowledge Export and Import marketing and get representation in a modern way in the world markets.EKK is proud of having the most satisfied and loyal customers all-around of the globe.
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We can have a more beautiful world together with friendship and peace.
― EKKTrade

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EKKTrade Co

Purchasing Agent , Sourcing

Purchasing representative of your company to purchase the required goods

Technical Consultant

Providing consulting services in the purchase and consulting of industrial and food products.

Insurance Services

Providing insurance services for incoming and outgoing goods.

Legal and contractual advice

Legal advice and writing contracts for B2B and B2C

Insecption Good's

Providing services and advice in inspecting and confirming the quality of the goods you buy and providing Insepctio Test Plane (ITP) .

Services and consulting in transportation

Providing services and consulting for domestic and foreign transportation.


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